• "Closo makes it easy to list inventory! They provide the photos and all you have to do is create the listing."

    Jessica Karwowski
    Lacey Township, NJ

  • Challenges faced:

    Before working with Closo, what do you think were the biggest challenges you had when sourcing inventory?

    "Before working with Closo, my biggest challenge was consistently sourcing inventory and the upfront costs that come with it."

  • Do you think any of the sourcing obstacles you faced in the past impacted your sales?

    "I believe these obstacles impacted my sales since I was not sourcing and listing as much inventory."

  • Solution Provided:

    Do you think the sourcing we provide, and the brands we make available, attract more buyers to your closet?

    "The inventory that Closo has provided has attracted many buyers to my closet."

  • After working with us and getting to know all of the things that we offer, and continue to build on, how has this experience differed from your previous approach to sourcing, listing & selling.

    "The service that Closo provides is a unique approach to sourcing inventory. Closo makes it easy to list inventory! They provide the photos and all you have to do is create the listing. Once the item sells, they ship it out. The best part is there are no upfront costs."

  • Results Achieved:

    What would you say has been the biggest positive change in your closet or your home life, since working with Closo? 

    "The biggest positive change has been less time and money spent sourcing inventory."

  • Has this experience allowed you to have more time for buyer engagement, repeat sales and building foundations for return clients?

    "I have had a lot of buyer engagement since working with Closo and even a couple repeat buyers. I think it would be great for Closo to partner with more brands with new inventory! It's been great so far partnering with Closo and I'm looking forward to the growth of this company!"

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