Becoming a Closo Ambassador: Your Path to Recognition

Becoming a Closo Ambassador: Your Path to Recognition

Becoming a Closo Ambassador: Your Guide to Earning Recognition
  1. Elevating Profitability:

    • Gain a 70% commission rate from all sales.
    • Receive a higher affiliate reward for each recruited seller.

  2. Accessing More Inventory:
    • Closo automatically lists, and delists up to 200 products in your stores per month.

    Who is a Closo Ambassador?

    Closo Ambassadors play a pivotal role in guiding the Closo community and are rewarded with unique privileges.

    What Requirements Must I Fulfill to Attain Closo Ambassador Status?

    Navigate to "My Closo Referral Stats" to monitor your progress and see how close you are to meeting these criteria:

    • Community Shares: Share 50 times a link to the Closo website on social media 
    • Recruit Sellers: Recruit at least 5 sellers
    • Listings Sold: Achieve at least 15 sales.
    • Personal Experience: Create a post on Instagram about your own experience with Closo.

    How Long Does It Take to Become a Closo Ambassador?

    The journey to Closo Ambassador status varies for each user, making it unique to your experience. This is why we designed "My Closo Stats" - to help you track your Closo Ambassador progress. Simply go to "Refer-A-Friend" > "My Account" to check your current status.

    What Are the Expectations for Closo Ambassadors?

    Closo Ambassadors are expected to:

    • Maintain an active presence on Closo.
    • Engage actively in the Closo community.
    • Offer exceptional customer service.
    • Comply with our Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

    What Are the Exclusive Benefits of Being a Closo Ambassador?

    Closo Ambassadors enjoy the following benefits:

    • A higher commission rate for all sales.
    • Early access to new inventory.
    • Access to auto-listing inventory in your store.

    What Can I Contribute as a Closo Ambassador?

    Closo Ambassadors epitomize the passion, dedication, and leadership within the Closo community. As prominent members of this community, we encourage you to share your enthusiasm with others through exclusive opportunities:

    Do You Need Assistance or Have Questions?

    Feel free to reach out to for any help or inquiries.

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