Leading brands choose Closo

Closo is reinventing the return and resell process for e-commerce era.

  • 01 Returns

    Customers locate the nearest 
    locker and drop off their return.

  • 02 Locker

    A gig worker comes to 
    the locker and picks it up.

  • 03 Gig Worker

    A gig worker inspects it 
    and stores it until it is sold.

Save 95% of your returns costs

  • Prompt inspection, restock, and resell

  • No shipping, inspection, or storage costs

  • Full transparency of every return until it's sold.

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Nationwide network of gig workers

Closo goes where your customers are and has got your back.

At Closo, we make everything easier after the click.

  • Last mile returns

    Prompt customer refunds and product
    restocking without any costs.

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  • Omnichannel commerce

    Over 40,000 stores make it easy
    for you to resell your products.

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What brands say

"Earlier, If customers wanted an exchange, we would pay for the label. So, we were still losing $8."

Guillaume Moncenis
CEO, Founder

"We've sent hundreds of skus so far, with a >40% sell through which is a huge win for us."

Marcellus Manier
Merchandising Coordinator

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"Closo is able to sell returned items through its sellers, which lesson our burden. Closo is also extremely easy to work with."

 Jessie Wang

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Enhance your selling experience

When you sell with Closo, you’re in control.

  • Know your COGS & earnings in advance

  • Easily browse products without any hassle

  • Automatically import products

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