Choose your products, timing, earnings.

  • Inventory

    Over 30,000 products available to sell.
    From fast fashion to luxury brands.

  • Cost of Goods

    Closo charges a fixed cost for each product. Everything you make beyond that is your income.

  • Boost your earnings

    List 2x as many products —more sales, higher income.

  • No upfront costs

    You pay for the order after it is successfully delivered.

  • Most affordable

    Monthly subscriptions start at just $0.26 per day.

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Save time and money

Forget about sourcing at thrift stores and crafting detailed listings. With Closo, you can import up to 450 products per month from the comfort of your home.

Ships within 2 days.

When you place an order, Closo notifies the seller or brand storing your sold product, and they ship it within 2 days while keeping you updated.

Start earning
  • All access inventory


    Free Trial

    15 items

    • $2,370 Total ASP 

    • Wholesale prices

    • Automated Import + Crosslisting app

    • Effortless Storage and Shipping

  • All access inventory


    Start small, think big!

    25 items/mo

    • $4,740 Total ASP per month

    • Subscriber prices

    • Automated Import + Crosslisting app

    • Effortless Storage and Shipping

  • All access inventory


    Starter package

    75 items/mo

    • $11,850 Total ASP per month

    • Subscriber prices

    • Automated Import + Crosslisting app

    • Effortless Storage and Shipping

Start earning in just a few steps

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    Sign up to become
    a seller partner on Closo.

  • 02 Import products

    Import Closo products into your marketplaces with just a few clicks.

  • 03 Start Selling

    Start earning your commission.
    Pay only the cost of goods.

Personal onboarding session with our Ambassadors

Simply select a time slot from your favorite ambassador's calendar to get answers to your questions and receive a special discount on your subscription and sales.

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More products, more sales!

Closo helps you cut inventory costs by providing a variety of products you can easily import and sell on your marketplaces.

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With Closo, there are no extra fees

No extra fees for importing, listing, storage, or shipping. You simply pay a monthly subscription and the cost of goods upon successful delivery. That's it.

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What sellers say

Be the inspiration you want to see in others

  • "I'm now able to list from anywhere without needing to search for items to sell or be home to photograph first."

    Nicole Hrinishin
    Broadalbin, NY

  • "My Poshmark closet is growing! I do believe daily listing is important for Poshmark!"

    Olivia Meunsaveng
    Lacey, WA

  • "Closo is the next big thing and I am so excited to have the ease of making a commission off of brand name items that I never had to source."

    Tandra Maddox
    Canton, GA

  • "Closo has helped my business and allows me to keep my overhead low and being able to list consistently."

    Jessica Karwowski
    Lacey Township, NJ

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Frequently asked questions

How does Closo work?

  • You access to wholesale-priced products for selling with the importing feature to your marketplace.

  • Products are stored across brands or by other sellers. You don't pay anything upfront for inventory; simply import them to your stores and start selling.

  • Only pay for the Cost of Goods after successfully delivering them to your customer.

How do I get started with Closo?

  • To get started with CLOSO, you can fill out this short form , and we'll send the next steps.

  • Next, you can either browse and import the products in your stores

How does dropshipping work?

  • When you sign up with Closo, you gain access to all available inventory, which you can import and sell through your store.

  • Closo provides you with a newly created and connected Vendoo account linked to your Closo account. All products imported from Closo will be displayed there.

  • You don't need to pay anything extra for Vendoo; all its listings are included in the Closo package. Additionally, Vendoo allows you to connect the same store to two Vendoo accounts

  • Once your Closo account is set up, we provide you with your Vendoo login details.

  • All your orders are shipped with the provided shipping label, enabling tracking.