• "Working with CLOSO definitely saves me sourcing time and effort. I'm not wasting time in the car and store searching, instead I get to pick pieces that suit our business best without leaving the office. I get to provide my customers with more beautiful pieces than I otherwise would and spend less time away from my family to do so."

    Katelynn Potter

  • "Sourcing inventory means laying in my cozy bed at night choosing beautiful pieces that I would not have access to otherwise. And the best part is, the beautiful pieces of inventory are FREE!

    Getting my sales shipped out in a timely manner, no matter what else is going on in my life, even if it means doing it at 2 a.m., I'm thrilled to say this too is a thing of the past!"

    Eve Reber

  • "CLOSO has been able to help me in a few ways, one being that it keeps my inventory fresh and up to date even when I don't always have the time to physically source pieces myself. Being able to cut down how many items I am also physically shipping speeds up the selling process and is simple and hands off. I believe it has impacted my business positively overall and has gained my Poshmark page more traffic."

    Kimberly Daly

  • "CLOSO has definitely saved time with both sourcing inventory along with processing. It has benefited my small business and I'm happy to be working with CLOSO. Although there have been some bumps, I understand CLOSO is a new company. It will take trial and error to get operations and processes running perfectly."

    Jessica Karwowski

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