Being a seller partner is easy

  • 01 Pick up products

    Pick up products from the
    nearest smart locker.

  • 02 Manage products

    Check the products, take photos, and get paid for handling inventory.

  • 03 Start earning

    Start selling, keep your commission, and pay Closo afterward.

Get paid for managing and selling returns.

Join a nationwide network of gig workers who handle returns. You'll either receive these returns directly or pick them up from the nearest smart locker, and get paid for managing and selling these items.

Boost sales by selling your items and others' too.

Grow your sales by including other sellers' products in your store. This strategy expands your product selection without the need to handle inventory, making it simpler to draw in more customers and increase your earnings.

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What sellers say

  • "Closo has made it very easy to be either the consignor receiving goods, as well as seller where I don't have to ship."

    Robin Seamans
    Shelton, WA

  • "When I don’t have photos taken or items sourced it has helped me remain consistent with listing."

    Candice Settle
    Arlington, WA

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More items to sell and manage means more profit.

  • Receive inventory on
    a regular basis.

  • Get paid for handling

  • Eliminate continuous
    inventory costs

  • Automatic import 
    of inventory.

  • Make payment only once your customer has received their order.

  • Decide when to receive inventory based on your schedule.

The better gig experience.

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    Challenges for Resellers

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Take back your time to focus on what's truly important

Have more time with your family as we provide inventory only when you need it. This lets you sell products managed by other sellers without the hassle of constant inventory management.

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Learn how to Import products to your marketplaces effortlessly, without worrying about management, or shipping.

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Frequently asked questions

How does CLOSO work?

  • We make selling easy for you. Get wholesale prices from top brands without paying for the goods upfront, and easily import products on your marketplaces. Every product includes detailed information and ships with your shipping label.

  • As a dropshipping seller, you have the freedom to sell products from your home without the need to handle sourcing, storage or manage shipping.

  • Also, you have the option to regularly receive inventory from retailers, manage it, earn additional compensation, and sell it alongside products from other sellers.

How do I get started with CLOSO?

  • Next, you can either browse and import the products in your stores or/and begin receiving your first boxes.

How does Dropshipping + Consignment work?

  • You earn compensation for each processed item, which includes inspection, accurate description, measurements, and a couple of pictures.

  • You can tailor the volume and frequency of the shipments to your preference

  • You always receive advance notice to confirm your availability before any pickup from smart lockers or shipment.
  • The compensation can be withdrawn to your PayPal or used as partial compensation for invoices for sold items.

  • The processed inventory is also available to other sellers, and they can sell these items alongside you.