Expanded product reach increases your sales

Powered by an automated omnichannel solution, Closo automatically lists products in million of stores.

  • Omnichannel commerce

    Over 40,000 stores across marketplaces make it easy for you to resell your products.

  • No obligations for returns

    Selling through sellers means no return obligation; if they sell the item, it stays sold.

  • Free shipping label

    Selling through sellers means no
    shipping costs to the new customer

More product exposure = faster sales

If you need to sell your returned products quickly, Closo can list them in over 40,000 stores across various marketplaces, facilitating easy resale without the need for physical inventory movement.

Livestream sales open up a new way to sell your products.

Connecting your returns to gig workers allows you to sell both returned items and warehouse-stored products through livestream sales, without incurring additional costs for process setup or influencer hiring.

How it works?

01 Closo crosslists products

Closo automatically imports products into our sellers' stores across multiple marketplaces. Sellers advocate for the products, assist customers, and handle the selling process.

02 Our sellers pack and ship

When a customer places an order, we'll handle the rest.
No need to worry about storage, packaging, or shipping to the customer.

03 You earn, and we earn

After a successful delivery and payment, we retain our commission
and transfer the remaining funds to you.

What brands say 

"We've sent hundreds of skus so far, with a >40% sell through which is a huge win for us."

Marcellus Manier
Merchandising Coordinator

Faster inventory turnover,
healthier business

On average, brands working with Closo see higher operational income

Why Closo

  • 24M Amount of goods processed annually*

  • 99+ Brands are what our sellers have experience processing and selling with

  • 8x times higher operational income with Closo

Connect with us

Last mile returns

Flexible last-mile solution allows for the inspection and refunding of customers, as well as the storage of products until sold without extra costs or complicated steps.

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