A better experience for brands and their customers

Powered by best-in-class returns, Closo provides one-day ecommerce returns processing and customer refund.

  • Free Returns

    Absence of return costs allows you to offer free returns as a competitive advantage.

  • Quicker Refund

    Efficient processing of returns enables prompt customer refunds and boosts NPS.

  • Brand Awareness

    Expanding your product's
    reach increases consumer awareness.

How it works?

01 The customer initiates the return

The customer starts the return process and sends the return to one of Closo's sellers.

02 The seller receives and inspects

A seller receives the returned product, checks and photographs its condition, then uploads the information to the system.

03 The customer receives a refund

The brand decides on a refund after reviewing the provided information and proceeds to refund the customer.

04 The seller stores and sellers sell

The seller stores returned items and sells them alongside other sellers on multiple marketplaces.

Faster refund, happier customers

On average, brands working with Closo see higher LTV and retention rate

Why Closo

  • 24M Amount of goods processed annually*

  • 99+ Brands are what our sellers have experience processing and selling with

  • 8x times higher operational income with Closo

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