A cost-free returns solution for brands and customers

Powered by best-in-class returns, Closo provides one-day ecommerce returns processing and customer refund.

  • Network of smart lockers

    Over 11,000 lockers across the U.S where you can easily return items with a click.

  • Network of gig workers

    Over 8,000 gig workers across the U.S can pick up and take care of your returns.

  • Easy onboarding

    Our API and our in-house engineering team help you begin in days, not weeks.

Prompt inspection, quick refund, and rapid listing

Closo links customers to the closest smart locker and assigns an available gig worker, who promptly inspects and securely stores returned items until they are sold.

Bigger network = Greater convenience

Closo cuts return costs with an easy drop-off system, leading to quick refunds and happier customers. This boosts profits and makes operations smoother.

How it works?

01 Customers initiate returns

Customer initiate the return process on the return portal, find the closest public locker, and drops off the item.

02 Gig workers pick up and inspect

Gig workers pick up the returned product, check and photograph its condition, and then uploads the information to the system.

03 Customers receive a refund

The brand decides on a refund after reviewing the provided information and proceeds to refund the customers.

04 Gig workers store the products

The Gig worker stores returned items while brands sell them, if necessary, alongside other sellers on multiple marketplaces.

We have got your back

Closo reaches your customers wherever they are.

What brands say

"Earlier, If customers wanted an exchange, we would pay for the label. So, we were still losing $8."

Guillaume Moncenis
CEO, Founder

Happier customers, higher operational income

On average, brands working with Closo see higher LTV and retention rate

Why Closo

  • 24M Amount of goods processed annually*

  • 99+ Brands are what our sellers have experience processing and selling with

  • 8x times higher operational income with Closo

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Omnichannel commerce

If you need to quickly sell your inventory, Closo can list your products in over 40,000 stores across various marketplaces, simplifying the resale process.

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