Terms of service


As a Seller, you play a crucial role in providing a secure and reliable experience for each of your Buyers.

This policy outlines your rights and responsibilities as a Seller and is an integral part of Closo's Terms of Service. Please familiarize yourself with these rules and comply with them, along with any applicable local laws. Failure to adhere to this policy may lead to restrictions on your account, including termination, at the sole discretion of Closo.

Seller Fee Policy

All fees on Closo are transparent and straightforward:

  • Browsing items for sale is always free.
  • Closo covers the costs associated with importing products from Closo to Vendoo for listing them across the marketplaces.
  • Upon the sale of a retailer item, you retain up to 60% of Closo's recommended selling price.
  • Each product has a set cost of goods equivalent to a range between 40% and 60% of the selling price.

What you get:
Seller Benefits

Sell it

  • Effortless listing through Vendoo.co
  • Automated import of newly added products to Vendoo.co
  • Receive an extra 40% discount on a Vendoo subscription when listing your own products
  • Priority access to newly added inventory
  • Additional discounts on inventory
  • Enjoy customer support and Closo Protect buyer protection."

Storage it

  • Receive actual pictures, measurements, and a detailed description of the product.

Ship it

  • Ship products to your customers using the provided shipping label, allowing you and the marketplace to track the order.

Get paid

  • Choose from fast and flexible payment options: Direct Deposit, ACH, Instant Transfer, Paypal, and Venmo.
  • Note that your earnings are based on the selling price, and actual earnings may vary based on the final order price, Seller discounts, and applicable taxes and discounts.


Listing Descriptions and Pricing

Sellers on Closo, who manages inventory provided by retailers must provide truthful, accurate, and complete descriptions for the items. This includes informative listing descriptions with original photos, details on the condition, flaws, or unique features. The main photo should clearly represent the item for sale. Avoid photo editing techniques that may hinder Buyers from accurately assessing the item's condition.

Sellers must have possession of and ship the actual item described in the listing. Sellers must promptly respond to questions and requests for additional information.

Sellers have the flexibility to price items within 30% range from recommended selling price, but price gouging is strictly prohibited. Closo encourages Sellers to view similar items and determine a realistic listing price likely to result in a sale. Once a Buyer accepts a listed price, a order placed, and Sellers must provide Closo with shipping label. Sellers who stores product must fulfill any additional requirements outlined in this Seller Policy and our Terms once a Buyer's offer is accepted.

Review the requirements and details regarding Offers and Bundles on Closo.

Order Fulfillment

Upon a Buyer accepting your offer, you accepting a Buyer's offer, or a successful auction, it is Closo responsibility to fulfill the sale. Please provide Closo with shipping labels to fulfilling orders..

Our store is hosted on Shopify Inc. They provide us with the online e-commerce platform that allows us to sell retailers products and Services to you.