The benefits of our program

  • Lifetime commission

    Closo rewards you with up to 20% commission from the sales of each person you refer, ensuring your earnings grow as long as your friends stay with us

  • One-time reward

    Closo also offers a one-time $30 bonus for every person you refer. You can use them to buy inventory in our store or cash them out.

  • Receive payments every 15 days

    Payments are automatically processed and disbursed on the 1st and 15th of each month. Commissions become eligible for payout 30 days after the order.

  • Transparency

    Transparency is paramount to us, which is why we provide real-time access to all your metrics.

How it works

01 Create the account

Start your Refer-A-Friend account by clicking 'Get Started.' Generate your unique link and begin referring.

02 Spread the word

Begin referring Closo to your friends and community using your unique personal link.

03 Receive commission

Keep an eye on your friends' progress and see your lifetime commissions increase in real time.

Sharing is caring

Sharing your words and experiences with others helps us build a supportive community and foster a mutually beneficial environment.

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