"We've sent hundreds of skus so far, with a >40% sell through which is a huge win for us."

Marcellus Manier
Merchandising Coordinator

The Challenge

"We were struggling with the process of finding a bulk channel, we deal with tons of unique skus and listing every item 1:1 elsewhere is very time consuming."

The Solution

"Closo's ability to take in our volume was a major push for us, we're a scrappy start up and 1:1 selling isnt a huge focus for us now.

It's a huge relief to be able to offload this. The sellers and platforms providing a much higher level of visibility was also really intriguing."

The Results

"We've sent hundreds of skus so far, with a >40% sell through which is a huge win for us.

Closo has been very helpful not only on the selling side but working with our unique logistics and some shipping issues early on. Overall they've been a stellar partner."

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The impact

Choosing to buy and wear secondhand clothing, rather than new, reduces carbon emissions by an average of 25%. Through our partnership, we have contributed to saving;

  • 24,288 lbs of CO2,
  • 47,594 kWh of energy
  • 56,714 gallons of water
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