• "I'm now able to list from anywhere without needing to search for items to sell or be home to photograph first."

    Nicole Hrinishin,
    Broadalbin, NY

Before working with Closo, what do you think were the biggest challenges you had when sourcing inventory?

"I think my biggest sourcing challenge was finding desirable pieces at low enough COGS to make a profit. I live in a rural area where higher end fashion isn't even known, let alone available, so I'd have to turn to sourcing online and sometimes I'd get lucky finding pieces for low enough prices but it wasn't often enough."

Do you think any of the sourcing obstacles you faced in the past impacted your sales?

"Those sourcing obstacles did not necessarily impact my sales; I was still able to regularly source and sell mall brands, but I'd have to sell volume. Having access to more designer pieces now has definitely increased my profit margin."

Do you think the sourcing we provide, and the brands we make available, attract more buyers to your closet?

"Yes! I've now successfully broken into a whole new market of buyers, which was my goal!"

After working with us and getting to know all of the things that we offer, and continue to build on, how has this experience differed from your previous approach to sourcing, listing & selling.

"I'm now able to list from anywhere without needing to search for items to sell or be home to photograph first. We spend Sunday afternoons with Grandma and Grandpa, so while they are playing with my kids, I'm listing from the marketplace: it makes it so easy to list remotely!"

What would you say has been the biggest positive change in your closet or your home life, since working with Closo? 

"My sales have had a marked increase since working with Closo. You can see the spike, and then consistency since in my Closet Insights on Poshmark from the month I began with Closo. I'm still listing and selling everything that I always have but adding Closo listings regularly as well has definitely increased my market value."

Has this experience allowed you to have more time for buyer engagement, repeat sales and building foundations for return clients?

"Yes! I have a handful of new customers that came on board from Closo's listings that have become repeat customers."

We have a lot on the horizon for all of our sellers, but if you could pick only one service for us to add, what would it be?

"I'm not sure; the creative minds at Closo have been so innovative coming up with new services that I never knew I needed until they were presented to me. Kudos!"

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