• "I have a full time job as well as my online sales, so Closo has allowed me more down time."

    Tammy Rakes
    Pearisburg, VA

Before working with Closo, what do you think were the biggest challenges you had when sourcing inventory?

"Before Closo, I've faced a lack of time and limited availability of good brands and styles."

Do you think any of the sourcing obstacles you faced in the past impacted your sales?

"Yes, absolutely"

Do you think the sourcing we provide, and the brands we make available, attract more buyers to your closet?

"Yes, I've noticed that it has a great impact on my business."

After working with us and getting to know all of the things that we offer, and continue to build on, how has this experience differed from your previous approach to sourcing, listing & selling.

"Comparing the experience with you and my previous one, this process is much easier."

What would you say has been the biggest positive change in your closet or your home life, since working with Closo? 

"I have a full time job as well as my online sales, so this has allowed me more down time."

Has this experience allowed you to have more time for buyer engagement, repeat sales and building foundations for return clients?


We have a lot on the horizon for all of our sellers, but if you could pick only one service for us to add, what would it be?

"I don't have any ideas on that at this moment"

Could you share any specific success stories with us to share, or notable achievements related to our updated sourcing inventory?

"I just feel like with the addition of your inventory to my closet, that my closet looks so much better and higher quality. "

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